BERGAMA Bergama has an era of 1.573 km2, and is 107 km away from İzmir. Its historical name is Pergamon, taking its name from Prince Pergamos. The word “Bergama” means “cliff”. The first money of Bergama as a medium of exchange was issued in 5th century BC. Bergama is neighbors with Balıkesir; Savaştepe, İvrindi, Ayvalık, […]

Bergama Kermes

Cumhuriyetin İlk Yıllarında Taşra’da Turizm Politikaları Arayışı: Bergama Kermesi In the First Years of the Republic Bergama Kermes as an Example of Tourism Policies in Rural Günver GÜNEŞ* – Mine KOCAMAZ** ABSTRACT Bergama Kermes is one the first attempts to advertise different places in Turkey in the first years of the Republic. Bergama, whose historical […]


ASSESSMENT OF TOURISM EFFECTS ON GEOGRAPHICAL AREA FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF LOCAL TOURISM ACTORS: BERGAMA CASE (IZMIR/TURKEY) Emre ATABERK Ege University, Institute of Social Sciences, Human and Economic Geography Doctoral Programme, 35100, Abstract In an area where tourism endures and starts to develop, its effects on economic and social structure and its positive and negative […]

What is Rural Tourism

What is Rural Tourism 1. Tourism (both domestic and international) that occurs in rural environments and involves ruralexperience. Learn more in: ICT and Tourism Enterprise Collaboration in Rural New Zealand 2. A tourism activity developed in rural or natural areas. Learn more in: Decision Making in Rural Tourism Management: The Case of Algarve 3. Any form of tourism that showcases the rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations, thereby […]


Objectives of the action Overall objective(s):  To develop motor, social, adaptive and cognitive skills of mentally disabled individuals through music and art therapy. Specific objective (s): To share knowledge and experience between cultures with trainers working in arts therapy in EU countries, to make art therapy applications in three-legged centers to be established and to […]