Objectives of the action Overall objective(s):  To develop motor, social, adaptive and cognitive skills of mentally disabled individuals through music and art therapy. Specific objective (s): To share knowledge and experience between cultures with trainers working in arts therapy in EU countries, to make art therapy applications in three-legged centers to be established and to […]


Objectives of the action Overall objective(s): To assess essential principles of a healthy family-adolescence dialogue and to inquire the applicability of European best practices in Turkey Specific objective(s): (1) To develop a pilot educational module for  adolescences between 10 to 19 years of age to improve parent – adolescence dialogue and (2) to prepare a […]

Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth (SSIG) Platform

Objectives of the action Overall objective(s):  to strengthen the  national capacity of civil business councils to meet up the requirements of circular economy approach for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by introducing new business models for business communities in Turkey Specific objective(s): to increase the awareness of civil business networks and their stakeholders on the […]

SUSTAINABILITY 4.0 for SMEs in Turkey

Objectives of the action Overall objective(s): to improve the national capacity of Turkish publıc in accordance with the pillars of Sustainability 4.0 -economic impact, social impact, environmental impact, governance- and Sustainability Impact Assessment practices of the EU by developing bilateral exchanges and dialogue among Turkish civil society actors and their European counterparts.  Specific objective(s):  (1) […]

Digital Futures Training Centre

Objectives of the action Overall objective(s): Following the EU’s vision of “science in society”, to increase the level of engagement with science among Turkish society for the advancement of bilateral exchanges between the EU and Turkey regarding mutual understanding of cultures, political and economic systems Specific objective(s): To contribute Industry 4.0 digital transformation vision by […]