18/08/2017 tarihinde 2 adet proje Avrupa Birliği’ne gönderildi

  1.  project : CYCLE TO HEALTH  :Overall objective(s):. For the establishment of a strong democracy around the world; contributing to the success of well-functioning civil society, sustainable life and sustainable development movements. Specific objective(s):
    1. a) To raise awareness of sustainable mobility for human health in urban areas. 
    2. b) By forming civil society networks and using public transportation and cycling, contributing to protection of natural resources and the fight against environmental pollution and climate change.

    c) Contributing to urban mobility plan studies.

  2.  project :EARLY WARNING IN the FIRST STEP: Overall objective (s): Supporting associations’ networking and capacity building; we aim to strengthen cooperation between the public sector and NGOs.

    Specific objective (s): Contributing to the social campaigns and widespread participation of associations, the public sector, to be more sensitive and strong advocate against negativities such as smoking, drugs and the like.

These two projects were formed with the contributions of a total of 11 stakeholder institutions.

Bu iki proje toplam 11 paydaş kurumun katkıları ile oluşmuştur.