New Project : Transparency and Anti-Corruption Toolbox (TACT)

<Overall objective(s)>  empower civil society organisations to be effective and accountable independent actors to improve their capacity to dialogue with Governments influencing policy and decision making processes and holding them accountable for their performance towards citizens and society at large.

<Specific objective(s)> strengthening local CSOs capacities for actively engaging in evidence-based advocacy, watchdog and policy monitoring initiatives of public services and human rights

New Project : Environmental Justice for Citizens

General Objective: To increase the capacity of the environmental NGOs, to strengthen the already available networks among the environmental organizations and to contribute to the struggle against the global warming and implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.
Specific Objectives:
-Raising awareness about the global warming in 5 partner countries.
-Improving the network to advocate the environmental justice
among the environmental organizations of 5 countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro) and increasing the capacity of the 7 NGOs (3 from Turkey and 1 from each West Balkan countries)
-Creating new job opportunities for the participants of the activities through introduction of Environmental Investigative Journalism in 5 partner countries.
-To contribute to the EU accession process of the 5 Balkan countries.