Aylık arşivler: Eylül 2019


Health tourism is a multifactorial package which is defined as cross-border health care by the European Union and includes the improvement of the state of health as well as a holiday. In this respect, it requires studies not only in medicine but also in many sectors such as elderly-disabled health care, thermal health care and medical tourism. In addition, accommodation, transportation, communication, brokerage houses, advertising and marketing are the areas where cooperation and integration are required. In this area, which has a size exceeding 100 billion dollars, every year millions of people prefer to receive treatment in appropriate conditions and to have a holiday in this process.

With its geographical location, historical and natural beauties, cultural heritage and important geothermal resources, it is an important tourism destination attracting approximately 40 million tourists annually. In addition, trained human resources and developing technical infrastructure in the health sector have the potential to generate high added value. Health tourism, which is the oldest type of tourism in the world, is one of the most important applications that increase the active citizenship characteristics of the disadvantaged groups especially with the elderly and disabled tourism type. In addition, employment in this area will contribute to the enhancement of social inclusion and active citizenship.