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#mothertongueTurkish activities

German Turks or Turkish Germans, refers to ethnic Turkish people living in Germany. These terms are also used to refer to German-born individuals who are of full or partial Turkish ancestry. Whilst the majority of Turks arrived or originate from Turkey, there are also significant ethnic Turkish communities living in Germany. They form the second largest Turkish population in the world, after Turkey. Turks who immigrated to Germany brought cultural elements with them, including the Turkish language. The roughly 3 million Turkish immigrants living in Germany who, according to studies by the Berlin Institute for Population and Develop-ment, are less effectively integrated on average than other immigrant groups.

The idea of this project is based on the conversations with the representatives of Turkish hometown associations from Germany. They have underlined the fact that the majority of young generation of Turkish immigrants are losing their touch with Turkish culture. They express their worries regarding the issue. Particularly, they worry about their children’s lack of Turkish skills, which have also negatively affected their German language skills. The influence of mother tongue is proved both positive in teaching and learning of the second language.