Digital Futures Training Centre

Objectives of the action Overall objective(s): Following the EU’s vision of “science in society”, to increase the level of engagement with science among Turkish society for the advancement of bilateral exchanges between the EU and Turkey regarding mutual understanding of cultures, political and economic systems

Specific objective(s): To contribute Industry 4.0 digital transformation vision by raising awareness; to prepare Turkish young people for the digital future of with the participation of European scientists; and to establish an Industry 4.0 platform for dialogue between European and Turkish counterparts.

Target group(s): 18 – 32 years old university students and graduates from Izmir province
Final beneficiaries: Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Estimated results: 1.100 data miners and big data analysts

2.100 robot technicians and robot programers

3.100 simulation and mechatronics technicians

will be trained and certified.