Objectives of the action Overall objective(s): To assess essential principles of a healthy family-adolescence dialogue and to inquire the applicability of European best practices in Turkey

Specific objective(s): (1) To develop a pilot educational module for  adolescences between 10 to 19 years of age to improve parent – adolescence dialogue and (2) to prepare a proposal to the attention of law makers in Turkey to include this model in Ministry of Education’s school curriculum.

Target group(s): Adolescents between 10-19 years of age and their parents
Final beneficiaries: Turkish society
Estimated results: 1-Training of 20 trainers and 120 school teachers

2 – Delivery of awareness campaigns on adolescence identity and dialogue culture up to 3000 people.

3- Preparation and presentation of a report and a draft by law to the Ministry of Education

4-Setting up research and archiving infrastructure

5- Institutionalisation of stronger and sustainable dialogue with European partners