The Heart of Exchangee is Left Over

Overall objective of this project is transfer of the cultural heritage related to the exchange of 1923 Turkish-Macedonian-Greek peoples, one of the greatest mandatory migrations that history has witnessed, to future generations and promoting international civil society dialogue through the protection of cultural heritage. Specific objective is described as to provide contribution on mutual understanding and international cooperation on cultural heritage between Turkey and the EU through identifying, documenting, digitalizing cultural heritage on exchange and curation/furnishing of a museum house for the display of it.

In this context, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia in a variety of activities are planned to be carried out. As a result of these activities, 1000 interviews will be held with the exchangees and 300 objects will be catalogued. After that, a Museum / Memory House will be opened to exhibit the cultural heritage objects included in the catalogue. In this Museum / House of Memories, interactive areas that will attract the attention of children and young people will be created by using contemporary techniques.

These activities are important in several ways. First, contribution will be made to the dialogue of civil society in the EU. This contribution will be provided through NGOs contacted through the network created, especially our partners in 3 countries. Apart from this, our project will also reveal a structure that will allow the refugees to come together. Efforts that bring the exchangees together and ensure that the cultural heritage on this subject is unearthed, preserved and passed on to the next generation is extremely limited. remarkable work on the subject outside of the efforts of some NGOs in Turkey are rarely seen. Apart from this, there are two settled places in Izmir and Aydin under the name of Exchange and Memorial House.

The Museum / Memorial House to be established within the scope of our project has a similar purpose to these two places. However, equipping the Museum / Memorial House in our project with digital elements and using innovations from dynamic presentations to interactive areas thanks to artificial intelligence will create the part that is different and creates awareness.

These are all activities designed in line with the general objective of the call for proposals, which is to develop international cooperation on cultural heritage and to encourage civil society dialogue. Within the scope of the project, bringing together three different countries on cultural heritage and creating a network between NGOs in these countries is also in line with the specific objective of the call for proposals, which includes establishing cross-border dialogue and networking on cultural heritage.